Prescription Drug Savings Card

Family Wize Discount Drug Card

We know from experience that families living on the edge never struggle with just one issue; it’s the combination of several problems piling up that prevents families from finding stability and truly thriving.

At Lake Area United Way, we partner with SingleCare: Formerly FamilyWize to increase the Health and Financial Stability of families in our communities. Through their prescription savings card, SingleCare works to make prescription medications more affordable for all families, so that no one ever has to make the hard choice between the meds they need, and other basics like food or rent.

Download a prescription savings card


It's FREE and easy to use!

There is no registration, activation or restrictions due to preexisting conditions. You just give the card to the pharmacists with your prescriptions. The discount varies by medication and the pharmacist will apply the discount automatically. These cards can be used by everyone, insured or uninsured. The card has unlimited use, so show it every time you fill a prescription.     



SingleCare negotiates fair drug prices directly with major pharmacies like CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens. We pass the savings onto our members, free of charge.
To start saving with SingleCare, a member just needs to show the savings card to their local pharmacist whenever they fill a prescription at a participating pharmacy. The discount will be automatically applied to the retail price of the drug.

Members can use their cards as often as they want. Cards do not expire. Cards may also be used for family members’ prescriptions and shared with friends.